Mauri and Welcome to Air Kiribati

Created in 1977, Air Kiribati has helped in connecting Kiribati.  In 2017 it has a bold new agenda to connect Kiribati to key parts of the Pacific and Australia with soon to be launched services to Solomon Islands, Fiji and Brisbane Australia.  As well as other soon to be announced partnerships.


We are more than just an airline, Air Kiribati acts as an ambassador for Kiribati. We are the spirit of our country and its people and we are committed to flying Kiribati forward.    


At Air Kiribati your safety and security is our top priority.  All our staff are highly trained with a safety first culture and program. 


As Kiribati’s flag carrier, we have a role in driving economic growth and development for our people and nation.  From cargo to our valued foreign travelers, we work together to connect opportunities.  We are committed to help connect Kiribati and to foster new pathways for our nation’s prosperity. 


Air Kiribati has signed an historic agreement with Solomon Airlines who will partner with Kiribati’s national airline to establish a new aviation service that will link Tarawa with Honiara, Brisbane as well as Nadi in Fiji.

This signing also re-launches Air Kiribati as an international airline with the recent decision by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to provide Air Kiribati with its official two letter designate code – IK.    

At the official signing of the Heads of Agreement the Honourable Minister for Information, Communication, Transport and Tourism Development, Willie Tokataake heralded the signing as an important one, not only in that it significantly boosts aviation access into Kiribati but also that it builds on our existing strong links between Kiribati and the Solomon Islands.

The signing comes off the back of a recent decision by the Solomon Islands Government to waive visa requirements for Kiribati citizens visiting the Solomon Islands.

“There is no doubt this new agreement will boost economic development opportunities and in particular tourism and export opportunities for Kiribati, the Honourable Minister said.

That is why this agreement is part of our Government’s ambitious agenda to boost aviation access in and out of Kiribati,

“I was pleased to be involved in the negotiations in Honiara as the Government of Kiribati has committed to support this new link, Minister Tokataake said. 

“This is the first of many new announcements our Government and our National Airline will be making that will strengthen our links to the world and to give our people greater access to travel both inside Kiribati and overseas,

“As a first step I would very much like to congratulate the Solomon Airlines and Air Kiribati teams for making this work and I encourage all our people to take advantage of this new service when it starts, Minister Tokataake concluded.

The CEO of Solomon Airlines Mr Brett Gerbers also welcomed the signing of the Heads of Agreement between the two airlines.   

“With such strong close cultural links between Solomon Islands and Kiribati it was an important step for our airline to form a closer relationship with Kiribati, Mr Gerbers said.

“Our partnership with Air Kiribati will be an important one and we very much look forward to working together to see it as a success,

“This service is more than just a link between two nations, but an avenue for both the nations to grow and prosper as we walk forward together, Mr Gebbers concluded. 

The CEO of Air Kiribati, Tarataake Teannaki welcomed the new service and thanked the members of the Solomon Airlines team.  

“We are so excited to be working with an airline partner who understands the travel needs of the Kiribati people and Air Kiribati as well, Mr Teannaki said.

“This service will be a major step up and will give the Kiribati people new options to travel beyond our islands,

 “This announcement is the first step in a raft of new changes at Air Kiribati,

“I encourage all to get behind your national airline carrier as we work together to strengthen aviation in our nation over the coming months, Mr Teannaki said.

 The start date and the new service schedules will be announced in the coming weeks with an official launch to be held in Tarawa. 



Core Services

  • Provide schedule domestic flights and charter flights
  • Provide domestic and international ticketing through its subsidiary Kiribati Travel Agency (KTA)
  • Provide Ground Handling Support for all incoming international flights and ferry flights
  • Provide inter-island transfers for group travel
  • Provide engineering support under its Part 145 approval
  • Provide Air Cargo Handling for domestic and international flights

Air Kiribati currently provides air services to all islands in the Gilberts group except for Banaba where there is no airfield due to non-availability of appropriate land space.  There is no domestic service to or within the 3 inhabited Line Islands (Kiritimati, Tabuaeran, and Teraina) nor to Kanton in the Phoenix group although there is a weekly international service linking Fiji, Kiritimati, and Hawaii.

Air Kiribati also provide Ground Handling to other Internatinall carriers. Currently its provide Ground Handling to Fiji Airways and Nauru Airlines.  Ground Handlings Such as 

  • Baggage Handling
  • Passenger Handling
  • Cabin Cleaning
  • Marshalling
  • Cargo Handling
  • Maintenance Support


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