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Air Kiribati's current schedule can be found by clicking the following Link. 

Air Kiribati's Gilbert Island Schedule (Current from 1st June 2109) 

For up to date schedule information please follow Air Kiribati's Facebook page for day to day operations.  

These are the International Port Codes for the Kiribati Islands used in the Schedules and Updates.

Sorted North to South   Sorted by CODE Alphabetically
Makin MTK   Aranuka AAK  
Butaritari BBG   Abaiang ABF  
Marakei MZK   Abemama AEA  
Abaiang ABF   Arorae AIS  
Tarawa TRW   Butaritari BBG  
Maiana MNK   Beru BEZ  
Kuria KUC   Kuria KUC  
Aranuka AAK   Maiana MNK  
Abemama AEA   Makin MTK  
Nonouti NON   Marakei MZK  
Tab-North TBF   Nikunau NIG  
Tab-South TSU   Nonouti NON  
Onotoa OOT   Onotoa OOT  
Beru BEZ   Tab-North TBF  
Nikunau NIG   Tamana TMN  
Tamana TMN   Tarawa TRW  
Arorae AIS   Tab-South TSU  

ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival   ETD = Estimated Time of Departure