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Mauri ....this is Hello and Welcome in Kiribati

Kiribati is for travellers - those who have a passion for exploring and discovering, people who like an adventure off the tourist trail to places where few have been before, and people who want to understand a country - not just see it. Kiribati will challenge your view of how life should be and show you a less complicated way of living where family and community come first.

Situated in the equatorial pacific, in the east Kiribati offers world class fishing (both game and bone fishing) from Kiritimati Island. In the west is the Gilbert Group of islands, which offer amazing and unique cultural experiences. The country's capital of Tarawa has historic sites and artefacts where one of the bloodiest battles of World War II , the Battle of Tarawa. 

If you are visiting as part of your work, we would encourage you to explore Kiribati to experience these delights - South Tarawa should not be the only Atoll you visit when you have 33 to choose from, even the nearby North Tarawa offers a very different perspective!

2017 Visitor Guides 

The Kiribati Tourism Office produce a range of Visitor Guides, they include: 

Tarawa Visitors Guide 

Kiritimati (Christmas) Visitor Guide 

 Outer Island Guides 

In partnership with the Kiribati National Tourism Office and a number of Island Councils we have compiled a number of island guides to give you a an overview of life and helpful tips on visiting our outer islands. 

  1. Marakei
  2. Butaritari
  3. Abemama
  4. Makin
  5. Nonouti